In addition to daily reporting and article writing, the Aviation Newspaper Company is also particular about producing photos and videos that capture the moment.
Part of it is the "Fine Art Collection."
We collect carefully selected photos taken by our contracted professional photographers and print them on acrylic panels to create a work that exudes a sense of luxury.

All of my works use ultra-high resolution images, showing the subject in great detail.
Printing is done using a high-definition water-based pigment inkjet printer.
Since it is produced by projecting it onto a transparent acrylic board, it not only reproduces the rich tones of the photograph itself, but also has both beauty and durability.

We use only the highest quality materials with a thickness of 5mm for the acrylic panel, creating a product with a glossy finish that stands out.

Each product will be delivered with a card containing the story of when each work was photographed.
I hope you can feel the realistic atmosphere during the shooting of the work.

If you would like to see the actual product before purchasing, please contact us via CONTACT so you can check out the sample products we have on display.


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