Artworks are almost always displayed at the entrances of famous buildings.
The name of the building or tenant company may leave a good impression in people's memories because of the artwork.
The same goes for "office."
A smart piece of art will not only make a good impression on visitors, but it will also soothe the minds of your employees.
Due to work style reforms, the role of an ``office'' is changing from just a place to work.
A Fine art collection that easily colors art works as acrylic photo art and adds value to your office.

Introduction examples and purposes of acrylic photo art

  • Improving corporate brand image in line with management renewal
  • Improving corporate image, employee satisfaction, and brand value in conjunction with office relocation and renewal
  • Improving corporate image (popularity, recruiting ability) to clients and job hunters
  • New artist support

Pay attention here too!

Small and medium-sized businesses that want to enhance their corporate brand while retaining artwork as a company depreciable asset can deduct the entire amount of artwork worth less than 300,000 yen as an expense.

Since 2015, due to some revisions to the Basic Corporate Tax Circular,
Artworks whose purchase price is less than 1 million yen each fall under depreciable assets.

For corporations that fall under the category of small and medium-sized enterprises, artworks, etc. worth less than 300,000 yen can be depreciated in a lump sum.
(Note) There is an upper limit of 3 million yen per business year.

For details, please visit the National Tax Agency website below.

National Tax Agency HP [Regarding the determination of depreciable assets for works of art, etc.]

At Fine Art Collection, we propose "office design" that creates an office environment where you can work comfortably.

We support office design and office renewal that incorporates feng shui and psychology to increase employee motivation, improve branding, and increase sales.

  • Office design proposal that incorporates “art”

  • Office design based on the flow of energy through “Feng Shui appraisal”

  • Planning that makes you feel comfortable using "spatial design psychology"

Would you like to try it?
In addition to comprehensive office design facilitation provided by qualified professional counselors, we also offer spot-on consultations such as entrance design, and Feng Shui appraisals only.

When relocating your office, our designers/project managers will provide one-stop support from the property selection stage.

It's okay if you feel anxious because it's your first time relocating.
You can feel at ease knowing that our licensed counselors will be there to help you. Please feel free to contact us.


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