Artist introduction


Hazuki Hirai

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1988

I love traveling and became interested in the world of photography while taking pictures while traveling.

​When I visited Hokkaido alone in 2017 for photography purposes, I was moved by the beauty of the rich natural scenery and the wild animals that live strong in the harsh environment, and after visiting frequently, I decided to move there.

In December 2018, moved to Kamifurano, Hokkaido, mainly photographing natural landscapes and wild animals.
Providing examples etc.

Taisuke Goto

He was moved by the summer mountain scenery he saw in the Northern Alps on his first visit and began mountain climbing.

Purchased my first camera, a Nikon D5500.
After that, I became so obsessed with mountain climbing and photography that I added a full-frame format D750.

He also began to seriously learn about post-shoot retouching and was searching for his own direction.

In 2018, he replaced his main camera with the Z system, and since then he has been fascinated by the quality of the Z lenses, which have been increasing in number one after another, and has been focusing on his creative activities.

Chiyoshi Sugawara

While working on advertising photography,
Since the early 1970s, he has wandered around America and Asia,
Photo exhibition held in Austin, Texas.

Since the 1980s, he has frequently visited various parts of the Iberian Peninsula.
Writes a guidebook.

In 2010, received the Foreigner's Award at Spain's San Fermin Festival.
His books include ``Spain is a land of taste'' and ``A journey through Spain's beauty and food.''
"Amish" and others.

(Public Corporation) Japan Photographers Association Friends

Hiroshi Yamashita

Currently a freelance Creative Director who became independent from an advertising agency.

Photograph architecture and scenes related to advertising work,

Also active as a photographer mainly in Kansai.

He continues to create works in search of memorable landscapes and memorable moments.

■Ministry of the Environment x Tokyo Camera Club “Japan National Park Photo Contest 2019” winner ■Tokyo Camera Club “100 Japanese Photos 2020/2021” winner, etc.

Yusuke Ishizu

Photographs and reports on aircraft, mainly for specialized magazines and the web.

Airlines, military bases,
Photographing aircraft at air shows.

In addition to aircraft photography, he also takes photographs of a wide range of genres, including wild birds, outdoor activities, and travel.

Responsible for photography for the WING calendar published by Aviation Newspaper Co., Ltd.


Lives in Kyoto City

Fascinated by special lenses in the camera world, he taught himself.
I especially fell in love with the world of macro photography, and began photographing things like moss capsules.
Currently, I am creating using dandelion fluff with a monochrome x macro lens.

Japan Photographic and Imaging Supplies Industry Association Web Photo Contest Award Winner (CP+2022 Exhibition)
Photo exhibition held in Arashiyama, Kyoto


Misora ​​Ito

Born in Kyoto in 2001

Growing up in a place rich in nature since childhood,
Fascinated by the beautiful scenery created by nature, he began photographing it.

Regardless of genre, shoot landscapes, portraits, etc. Keep your camera with you to capture the moment that only exists now.

She is currently taking photos while aiming to become a nurse.

Active mainly on SNS


Kenta Nakamura

Born in 1996, from Niigata Prefecture

In 2021, he became interested in cameras by attending a photo shoot by a professional photographer.
Currently, on my days off, I am traveling alone and taking pictures of landscapes and portraits.
I am constantly searching for ways to create works and expressions that move people's emotions.


Satomi Mizuno

Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1978.

Lives in France since 2011.

In 2020, I started working as a photographer, drawn to the power and delicacy of water.

His photography activities focus on the natural scenery of his hometown, Fukushima, and the exotic townscapes of France.

It changes from moment to moment depending on the climate, time, etc.
Pursuing that one and only moment,
He pursues the creation of photographs that appeal to the heart and can be expressed in words.

Studied under photographer Wataru Nishida.


Miyoshi Voyage

Born in Tokyo in 1996, started taking photography as a hobby under the influence of a friend.

I photograph a wide variety of genres, including people, creatures, landscapes, and object photography.

While working as a full-time photographer at a photo studio, I also do freelance photography and model photography.



Born in 1994 in Iwate Prefecture.
I usually work as a medical professional and a graduate student, and I work on my days off.

In 2019, he started taking photos after being influenced by nightscape photos he saw on SNS.
Currently, I am photographing a wide range of things, including nightscapes, urban landscapes, and natural landscapes.
I post my works on Instagram.


Shuhei Kusuda

Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1993 and raised in Saga.
When he was in high school, he became interested in photography and admired single-lens reflex cameras.

I bought a Canon EOS kiss x7 and entered the world of single-lens cameras.

Purchased Canon EOS 5D Mark Ⅳ.
Gradually began receiving requests for photography and expanded the range of his activities.
Currently, he is in charge of the bass of the band (Kohaku Noakari) and also works as a cameraman.



With the theme of ``attractive airplane photos'', I put a lot of thought and calculation into photography.
He has loved airplanes since childhood, and became obsessed with photography ever since he picked up a single-lens reflex camera in junior high school, and has continued to do so to this day.

[Award history]
・2021 1st JAPA Photo Contest Excellence Award ・2022 Haneda Airport Official Photo Contest 2022 Grand Prize ・2023 Camecon Judges Special Award